Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Top Ten Ways To Improve Your Leadership Skills

I really like The CEO Refresher. Once a month, I receive an email covering a wide array of management and leadership topics. This month, I particularly enjoyed the article from Ronya Banks, The Top Ten Ways To Improve Your Leadership Skills. Its a short, bulleted primer listing a set of ideals and philosophies to guide you along your path of leadership enlightenment. It is a high-level road map. The ten items are as follows:

  1. Have a clear vision of yourself, others, and the world.
  2. Know and utilize your strengths and gifts.
  3. Live in accordance with your morals and values.
  4. Lead others with inclusiveness and compassion.
  5. Set definitive goals and follow concrete action plans.
  6. Maintain a positive attitude.
  7. Improve communication skills.
  8. Motivate others to greatness.
  9. Be willing to admit and learn from failures and weaknesses.
  10. Continue to educate and improve yourself.

This is a great outline to get anyone started down the path to improving themselves not only as a leader, but as a person.

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