Friday, October 06, 2006

Shaking Hands for Dummies

Lifehacker struck a nerve with me yesterday. Great post and commentary thread on the customer of shaking hands [Give a Good Handshake]. I was motivated to post a comment! I have been a long-time reader/fan of Lifehacker but this was the first topic that got me riled up enough to post.

I commented about the "look-away" when shaking hands with someone. I HATE (and you should never say "hate") the look-away.

Hate it.


When you shake someone's hand: LOOK.....AT.....THEM!

Even if you have to pretend that you are even remotely interested in them. DO IT! It will make you a better person. People will think better of you. And follow the other tips commented in the post. Clean hand. DRY hand. Strong/confident/firm hand. ONE hand. No homie-brauheim. No limp duchess-style. And be an equal-opportunity hand-shaker. Women get the same grip. And women, I'm not telling you to shake hands like a man. But all the same rules apply to YOU as well.

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