Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tell Me About Yourself

Great article over at on what is often the first question in the interview process: tell me about yourself. Written by Arlene Hirsch, this article provides an indispensible roadmap to navigating this first set of treacherous rapids in an interview.

Hirsch provides many solid tips and points out the potential danger spots.

As I type this, this article is helpful beyond the interview process. Everyone needs their personal elevator speech. Everyone that wants to de-commoditize themselves and build their personal brand. This article will help you tell the person asking the question what they want to know.

Bullet points from the article:
  1. Start with the end in sight
  2. Take time to establish rapport
  3. Sketch the big picture
  4. FOCUS!
  5. Showcase your communication skills
  6. Highlight the benefits you will bring to the employer
  7. Spotlight the positive
  8. Provide details
  9. Disclose personal details CAUTIOUSLY
  10. Finish Strong.
I have already started using this article with my new team. When I first arrived, I sat down with everyone individually. My intent was to learn more about them both professionally and personally. Each one of them gave me a step by step travelogue of their work history. I stumped each of them with the question: "what are you KNOWN for?"

Along with understanding their personal branding, we will develop the TEAM brand. Clearly defining OUR collective value proposition. This article has provided a great foundation for that journey.

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