Thursday, March 24, 2005

100 Ways To Help You Succeed/Make Money

I am a Tom Peters fan. I LIKE the fact that he admits when he was wrong. He adapts. He overcomes. He changes with the times. He doesn't waffle though. His theories are tried and true. He tends to stay away from the trendy. Its common-sense guru guidance. This latest collection appeared on ChangeThis one month ago. Tom oftens repeats himself. It is an attempt to hammer ideas home. If you've read Re-Imagine! you have seen most of this before. Here are some of the standouts for me:

#15 You must be able to answer the question: WHAT'S THE DREAM?
Plan. Vision. Brand statement. Animating idea. Beliefs. These are important. None as important as the DREAM. Are you clear on the dream? Is the dream clear? Has it become blurred by too many "clever distractions"? Then you must go out and CONNECT. Convey the dream. One person at a time.

#28 Remarkagle Point of View/R.POV8!. If you can't describe your position in 8 words or less, you don't have a position. Tom stole that from Seth Godin. He goes on to quote Jerry Garcia:
You do not merely want to be the best of the best. You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do.
The query that must never be far from your consciousness: IS WHAT I'M UP TO REMARKABLY DIFFERENT, AND CAN IT BE CAPTURED IN SIMPLE, COMPELLING LANGUAGE?

#32 Mimic Lord Nelson. 13 Lessons from Nelson: Britannia's God of War:
  1. Simple scheme.
  2. Noble purpose!
  3. Engage others.
  4. Find great talent, let it soar!
  5. Lead by Love!
  6. Trust your gut, not the focus group: Seize the Moment!
  7. Vigor!
  8. Master your craft.
  9. Work harder than the next person.
  10. Show the way, walk the talk, exude confidence! Start a Passion Epidemic!
  11. Change the rules: Create your own game!
  12. Shake off the pain, get back up off the ground, the timing may well be right tomorrow!
  13. By hook or by crook, quash your fear of failure, savor your quirkiness and participate fully in the fray!
#33 Out-Read 'Em!
One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was from Father Philip Franciscini [not sure on the spelling]. He was my highschool freshman Latin teacher. He is the only man I recall actually fearing. On the last day of school that year, he told us to read something every day. Even if it was a comic book. Tom agrees: Read! Read Wide! Read Deep! Read Often! Surprise yourself with your reading picks! Out-READ the competition! Take notes! Summarize! Share with others what you read! Create/Join a Reading Salon! Cultivate a learning-curiousity ADDICTION!

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