Friday, July 16, 2004

The Brand You Survival Kit

I thought it fitting to start this blog out with a link to a Tom Peters' article from the June issue of Fast Company. The article is classic modern-day Peters. Adapt or die. Everybody is a mercenary ("contractor" as the Bush administration calls them) or should at least be thinking and acting like one. He's been on this rampage since 1997. Like CRM and VoIP, it is finally starting to click. I am a disciple. I love his simple six word mission statement: Service Clients, Develop Talent, WOW! Projects. This article is the executive summary of The Brand You 50 and its similar chapters in the recently published Re-Imagine!. In short:
  • Turn every project into something the recruiter or person doing the hiring is going to get excited about.
  • You must market yourself. Accomplishments on a resume are NOT ENOUGH.
  • Don't settle for being a jack of all trades. Master something. But be able to adapt at a breakneck pace.
  • Loyalty to the "company" is dead. Loyalty to your peers is crucial. Build your Rolodex or your Outlook contacts ported over to your palm pilot.
  • New technology is useless for the first five years. But you need to know its out there and be ready to use it when it becomes useful.
  • Constantly re-invent yourself.

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